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Lawsuit over proposed Little Missouri Bridge

Braaten Law Firm recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of our clients, the Short Family, in US District Court. This lawsuit challenges a proposed bridge crossing the Little Missouri River. Read more about it here.     

TENORM conditional use permit denied

Williams County denied Secure Energy’s Conditional Use Permit application for a TENORM facility and told them they can reapply. They then voted for a 12 month moratorium on any new Conditional Use Permits for TENORM facilities. Braaten Law Firm’s Carey Goetz was on hand at the meeting, representing a number of clients.  Read more about … Read More

UND Law Review Update Features 2 Cases Brought by Braaten Law Firm

In the most recent UND Law Review ( Editors included a “North Dakota Energy Law Litigation Update.” Two of the five cases featured in the update were brought by Braaten Law Firm. Editors featured these “to indicate cases of first impression, cases of significantly altered earlier interpretations of North Dakota law, and other cases of … Read More

Braaten Law Firm weighs in on proposed TENORM facility in Williams County

Braaten Law Firm recently submitted lengthy comments to the Williams County Commission regarding a company seeking a conditional use permit for a landfill that’s seeking to become the state’s first TENORM-approved facility. The Commission delayed its vote until November 19th, 2019. Braaten Law Firm has previously represented clients in a similar matter.  Read more about … Read More

JJ England Argues Before Supreme Court

Read more here about the first of two lawsuits that Braaten Law Firm will argue before the North Dakota Supreme Court in as many weeks. Yesterday’s arguments centered around how North Dakota would regulate emissions from the proposed refinery based on a state-issued permit.   That permit “lacks legally required conditions and safeguards that would protect … Read More

Davis Refinery Appeals Move to Supreme Court

Braaten Law Firm is involved in two more Supreme Court battles related to the planned Davis Refinery.  Read the full Bismarck Tribune article here. 

Bismarck Tribune Editorial Sides with Landowners

Today’s Bismarck Tribune editorial states that the editorial board “hopes the Northwest Landowners Association wins its lawsuit over “pore space.” We believe the Legislature in an effort to clarify issues surrounding pore space did an injustice to landowners” and “If a landowner has no contract, they may get no payment for the use of their … Read More