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Braaten Law Firm weighs in on proposed TENORM facility in Williams County

Braaten Law Firm recently submitted lengthy comments to the Williams County Commission regarding a company seeking a conditional use permit for a landfill that’s seeking to become the state’s first TENORM-approved facility. The Commission delayed its vote until November 19th, 2019. Braaten Law Firm has previously represented clients in a similar matter.  Read more about … Read More

JJ England Argues Before Supreme Court

Read more here about the first of two lawsuits that Braaten Law Firm will argue before the North Dakota Supreme Court in as many weeks. Yesterday’s arguments centered around how North Dakota would regulate emissions from the proposed refinery based on a state-issued permit.   That permit “lacks legally required conditions and safeguards that would protect … Read More

Davis Refinery Appeals Move to Supreme Court

Braaten Law Firm is involved in two more Supreme Court battles related to the planned Davis Refinery.  Read the full Bismarck Tribune article here. 

Bismarck Tribune Editorial Sides with Landowners

Today’s Bismarck Tribune editorial states that the editorial board “hopes the Northwest Landowners Association wins its lawsuit over “pore space.” We believe the Legislature in an effort to clarify issues surrounding pore space did an injustice to landowners” and “If a landowner has no contract, they may get no payment for the use of their … Read More

Derrick Braaten Receives Soil and Water Conservation Society Merit Award

Derrick Braaten was recently recognized for his conservation efforts.  He is the recipient of the 2019 Merit Award by the Soil and Water Conservation Society.  The Merit Award recognizes an outstanding activity, product, or service by a group, business firm, corporation, or organization that promotes the conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources. More … Read More

Lawsuit Filed Over Pore Space Bill

Derrick Braaten is the attorney for Northwest Landowners, who recently challenged the constitutionality of the state’s new pore space bill, Senate Bill 2344, which becomes law on August 1st.  This landowner association has been overwhelmed by members who have come forward, concerned that they will be negatively impacted by the new law. In preparing the … Read More

Derrick Braaten Speaks about Pore Space Lawsuit at Press Conference

The Northwest Landowners Association, represented by Derrick Braaten, filed a lawsuit against the state saying the pore space law “strips landowners of their right to possess and use the pore space within their lands and allows the State of North Dakota to directly redistribute that right to others without the consent of or compensation to … Read More

Landowner group sues state over ‘pore space’ law

Braaten Law Firm filed suit against the State of North Dakota on behalf of the Northwest Landowners Association, calling a new law “a taking of the inalienable rights of North Dakota landowners.” Read the article here.